[RFC] 1.2.5 Release

jamie bennett jamie at linuxuk.org
Tue Mar 8 03:26:10 PST 2005

Hi folks,

  I mentioned this on the tail end of another thread [1] but I thought it would
be better suited to its own email. I'm thinking of releasing a 1.2.5 version of
nALFS to address the recent bug with the requires tag/error reporting and to add
support for disabling the md5 check which routinely pops up on the list. 

  I want to get 1.2.5 maintenance release out this week but I'm open to
suggestions if anyone thinks other things _need_ to be in the next release.

  Another question is whether or not we should continue to support version 2.0
of the DTD. Support for version 3.0 was added at the end of 2003 and I'm not
aware of anyone who still uses 2.0 for their profiles. Removing the code for 2.0
would result in quite some code saving. This and the removal of the editor is
what I see as the 'low hanging fruit' when it comes to cleaning up the nALFS
code and getting it in a nicer state. Some may question whether its worth doing
it to a code base that is in 'maintenance mode' but I see it as pretty valuable
to leave as good a base as possible should anyone wish to pick it up again. Its
certainly still my tool of choice at the moment and who knows how far off alfs is.

    --    Jamie


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