nALFS bug?: build fails because of optional package

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Mar 5 08:21:37 PST 2005

Alex Prinsier wrote:

> I: Log file stored in:
> I: /root/.nALFS/packages/linuxpam-0.78.xml
> W: Utilized package missing: db
> E: Some required packages are missing; build aborted.
> E: Execution failed (255).

That is a bug in nALFS, but not the bug you think it is.

See the 'W' at the beginning of the line about the 'db' package? That 
means it's a warning, and not the reason that the build was aborted.

In this case, the build was aborted because the cracklib package is not 
installed (or at least nALFS does not think it is), but the bug is that 
it does not actually tell you what the missing package(s) is/are.

> Shouldn't nALFS create files in the stamps directory? It's empty...

Yes, but you have to tell it do so, either using the -S option on the 
command line or setting the proper option in the .nALFSrc file. You also 
have to ensure that every time you run it it uses the same stamp 
directory, which can be set also in the .nALFSrc file but also set using 
the NALFS_STAMP_DIR environment variable.

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