LFS.xml 6.1 branch vs. trunk

John Kelly jakelly at shtc.net
Sat Jul 30 13:57:15 PDT 2005


I built an LFS manually using the book, used it to boot up, and then
tried ALFS.

Since I wanted the latest packages, I used profile-LFS-SVN.tar.bz2 as
of July 27.  It went well until Chapter 9, Optional packages, where it
failed because the root environment was not set up correctly.

Comparing the 6.1 profile to SVN, I see changes made to LFS.xml on the
6.1 branch which look correct; but those changes are not in trunk.

So I tried LFS.xml from the 6.1 branch, and it worked.  But being a
newbie to ALFS, it took me a while to figure out the problem, and I
was wondering ...

Why are those LFS.xml changes on the 6.1 branch not also in trunk?

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