ALFS2 comunication protocol

Matthias Berndt berndt.matthias at
Thu Jul 14 03:50:55 PDT 2005


after digging through some remote procedure call technics and looking at
the available implementations for C, I havn't found anything with seems
suitable to our needs. Every protocol or implementation lags on
threading support, massive dependencies or other inadequacies. IMHO
Corba is absolutly overkill. SOAP doesn't seems to have any advantage
over XMLRPC in our case. XMLRPC needs a HTML server and
implementationsa are either overkill (apache) or doesn't have required
features (abyss).

At the moment I see two solutions.
1. We add missing things to available implementations.
2. We create our own protocol. This way would cause more work but may
   give better results.

	Matthias Berndt

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