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Declan Moriarty junk_mail at
Mon Jul 11 03:24:50 PDT 2005

As a first time user, I thought I would provide some feedback top you

I built the LFS-6.0 under alfs. It went fine, and overall I was very
pleased. The wad of packages required is small enough to be downloadable
in an hour or two, and it went well.

It died on: glibc(ch5) - kernel too old. I didn't realize you needed a
2.6 kernel to build LFS-6.0. glibc - make check (ch6). I deserved that
too. Carrying on from there got me into chapter 8 or 9, and I took over
from there.

BLFS-6.0 I am a lot less satisfied with. It must be great for you guys
testing it to clear a 100 gig partition, and then let it rip. I want to
install about 20% of the book, or less. I don't know what the
dependencies are, and I can't list them. I imagine I am typical of users
who _need_ something like the alfs project. I _need_ it because I never
get the time to sit and build lfs. Previous builds were over months.
Surely you don't have to be a monk to use lfs and this is what your
project is about.

I would much prefer this approach from the blfs profile.

	1. I mark & download the packages I want in my box.
	2. I check a box to install dependencies.
	3. I mark the packages I want, and start it.

It then might follow the following logic while approaching each package
	1. checks for the dependencies listed in the book
	2. Downloads & Installs them if needed
	3. Installs the original package approached.

I have no way (short of reading each page of the rather long blfs book)
to know what the software requirements are. Aspell requires which-2.16.
How am I expected to figure the likes of that? Automation is out of the 

I am not on your list there. cc all Flames and replies to me.


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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