idea for <stage><environment>

Mark Ellis markp.ellis at
Wed Jul 6 05:22:59 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-05 at 08:05 -0500, James Robertson wrote:
> Mark Ellis wrote:
> > I noticed something in the archives from a few months ago about clearing
> > the environment on entering a stage. The suggested solution with nALFS
> > was to use a dummy value to <root>, eg /, which as a side effect clears
> > the environment.
> > 
> > A better solution would seem to be a mode attribute setting on
> > <environment> of 'clear'. Incidentally, I dont understand the current
> > use of mode on environment as append|prepend. The variable elements have
> > this use of mode, which makes more sense anyway, is this duplication
> > necessary ?
> > 
> > Ta
> > Mark
> > 
> > 
> I don't know about the root/clear thing, but the <environment> element 
> is designed to allow you to manipulate the running environment of the 
> tool and the shell commands the tools runs.  The append and prepend mode 
> options allows you to take an existing env var and fully manipulate it. 
>   The DTD doc uses LDFLAGS. Another example is PATH.
> James

Manipulating individual variables is set up quite nicely, but we
currently have no standard way to replicate LFS' use of "env -i" to get
a clean environment. Setting all the existing variables to empty will
work, but requires modification of the profile to each unique build

I would envisage something like this.

<stage name="foobar">
        <environment mode="clear>
            <variable name="PATH">/tools/bin:/usr/bin:/bin</variable>

which would first unset every variable, then set PATH to the specified
value, no worrying about possible LDFLAGS, CFLAGS, LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc
polluting the build.

The default would be to keep the current environment of course.

Make sense ?


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