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James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Jul 5 19:39:31 PDT 2005

Matthias Berndt wrote:
> Greetings,
> some time ago the development of nALFS2 was mentioned on this list, but
> it's silent since these days. Even the wiki semms to be lonly now.
> I want to know what's going on with this idea?
> Regards
> 	Matthias Berndt


Thanks for your interest in alfs (was nALFS2).  I read yours and 
Jeremy's posts.  The SRS is not designed to answer your questions.  It 
is designed to provide a framework for making those decisions. 
Actually, the communications subsystem is an area we need to work on 
first IMO.  We need a modular system that can support a variety of 
communication mechanisms.  I was think of unix sockets for 
localhost/single box client/server comm and then maybe a daemon of some 
kind listening on a tcp port or something for simple secured network 
comm (like a company intranet).  We also need a secure remote comm 
protocol for Internet based comm.  I don't know anything about d-bus and 
so cannot make a statement there.  I just know that I want to be able to 
run the alfs daemon on a minimal system to build a box out - like the 
livecd.  So the backend daemon needs as little add-on software as 
possible.  This is why Jeremy wants it in C.

If you want to plug in and "waste" some time as you put it, we could use 
some help fleshing this out and getting the team to agree on it.  We can 
use the wiki for a lot of it and this list.  I don't really think it 
would take long.  At the least we need a spec for the modules and then a 
spec for how a unix sockets module would work and be implemented.  Once 
that is done, code away.

Mark - I saw you are back - want to help?


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