Development Status nALFS2

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Jul 5 15:14:51 PDT 2005

Matthias Berndt wrote:
> I think some things have to be specified more concretely. 
> - What's about the programming language for the reference
> 	implementation? 
> - What's about the communication protocol between client and daemon?
> 	D-BUS was mentioned somewhere.
> - Implement a Model-View-Controller structure - yes or no?
> ... and so on an on ...
> At the moment I've got some to "waste" and I'm interested in ALFS and
> some work on it, but there IMHO to much open questions.

Python has been suggested as a programming language, to work in tandem 
with D-Bus and SOAP. I'd personally prefer if it was all done in C, but 
at this time I'd take anything. I've started working out some of the 
ideas myself, but my time is stretched between work and other projects.

If you want to start something, feel free. I would just ask that you be 
very communicative with this list and *any* questions, ideas, concerns, 
etc., that you come up with you post here.  Your only constraints are 
the items that are already defined by the SRS - anything that you feel 
you'd like to define more concretely, as you mentioned, post your 
suggestion here and we'll talk it out.

Thank you very much for offering. I'd be very happy if something got 
started soon, and I'd do all I can to help/promote the effort.


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