permissions element and mkdir

James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Jul 5 06:00:48 PDT 2005

Mark Ellis wrote:
> First awkward question from me !
> I'm a little confused about the use of the permissions tag in mkdir, I
> spotted this when updating my mkdir handler from using <mode> to
> <permissions>.
> As a concept, <permissions> in mkdir is fine, but we have <permissions>
> defined as a completely separate handler, is it wise to use an element
> of the same name in two completely different situations ? The DTD
> description of mkdir actually points to the permissions handler, which
> would be moderately non-sensical, as this would be asking for the base
> dir and target file information twice for the same operation. At best
> you'll never be able to validate a profile, at worst this will be
> downright confusing.
> Any thoughts ?
> Ta
> Mark
Just think of the <permissions> element as a wrapper for the chmod 
command.  It allows you to set permissions on a directory when you 
create it, like the install command allows, all in one step. I do not 
understand what you are speaking about in the last part of your second 


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