build fails because of optional package...

test y zz50 at
Tue Jul 5 00:52:48 PDT 2005

i got the same problem list below

i knew the nALFS didn't founded cracklib....

i got two question about it, one is it works fine when i just run ALFS with 
BLFS.xml file, it found the cracklib and the version number, but it wrong 
work when i first load LFS.xml and add in second profile which is 
BLFS.xml(added change root=/mnt/lfs what's where my basic linux system 
installed, so 2 profile together, i wait .. for it to finished buidling base 
linux, then when it gets to building BLFS profile, it works ok with blfs 
chapter 3 and it failed at chapter 4.... saying cracklib not found, but it 
installed ?? i wondering how nalf check <require> tag ?? it work with just 
one profile with BLFS.xml loaded, but not both ?? what should i do ?



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