Small Bug when nALFS checks the MD5 sum

Phil Spink alfs-disuss at
Sun Jan 30 06:04:25 PST 2005

I am a new user to ALFS, but have built LSF a few times in the past, so
if this is the wrong place for a bug report my applogies.

I keep all my package files (tar balls) read only to avoid acidents. I
ran nALFS 1.2.4 agains LFS profile 6.0.1 profile, all the files are
copied to /tools as read only, that should be ok, but the problem is
that the MD5 check fails, complaining it can't open the files, changing
the permisions in my package are to RW and all works ok, looks like
when the md5 check is being done its opening the file for RW.

Phil Spink

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