package users

Olmo Ziarko olmo.ziarko at gmail.comm
Sun Jan 23 08:44:35 PST 2005

> Wouldn't it be a good idea to use "extended attributes" for that.
> I'm not familiar with these extended attributes, but I know you can store more information in a file
> then only the normal unix attributes (owner,group,other / read,write,execute)
> Stef Bon

Well, I suppose you could (I'm not really familiar either). But I think 
the real advantage of PU (having `make install` run as non-root so you 
don't have to worry about files being overwritten behind your back) 
*needs* seperate users. That you can easily identify which file belongs 
to which package is merely an added 'bonus' :-)

anyways, imma let this rest untill after my finals ... if you wanna get 
together and try n make it work, pm me.


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