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Stef Bon stef at
Sun Jan 23 02:21:46 PST 2005

Olmo Z wrote:

> Matthias S. Benkmann wrote a hint (More Control and Package Management
> using Package Users (v1.1)) on how he manages his packages on his
> system. all the gory details are in the link, but in short he proposes
> to execute make install as a seperate (per package) user.
> I was wondering if there exists an LFS (6.0) profile putting this idea
> into practice, or if maybe someone would want to help put one together.

I read this hintsfile before and I have some thoughts about it. 
I would like to check this.

In the hint packages are installed by "packageowners". This has some disadvantages.
(apart form the advantages)
Wouldn't it be a good idea to use "extended attributes" for that.
I'm not familiar with these extended attributes, but I know you can store more information in a file
then only the normal unix attributes (owner,group,other / read,write,execute)

Stef Bon

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