package users

Olmo Z olmo.ziarko at
Wed Jan 19 15:22:02 PST 2005

Matthias S. Benkmann wrote a hint (More Control and Package Management
using Package Users (v1.1)) on how he manages his packages on his
system. all the gory details are in the link, but in short he proposes
to execute make install as a seperate (per package) user.

I was wondering if there exists an LFS (6.0) profile putting this idea
into practice, or if maybe someone would want to help put one together.

Matthias wrote some simple wrappers, that might need a little extending
to be compatible with nALFS, but take care of most of the work (although
I'm not sure wether this is allowed by -- license wise).

oh yeah, the file is here:

muchos gruchos

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