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Mon Jan 10 16:43:24 PST 2005

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Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
| available to spend on this project, as well as a few other things. So,
| either we get a new leader (one with better leadership skills and more
| time than I) or we abandon ALFS and let everyone fend for themselves in
| terms of automating their installs. If the community is still interested
| enough in ALFS to keep it going, then by all means let's get some
| volunteers for the position. I'll do as Kevin did and give it some time
| to let this idea bounce around, and then with the help of Gerard and
| Matt, we'll come to a decision.
I don't think abandoning ALFS is a good option, too much time and effort
has been put in to bring it from nothing to what it is now.
| production may be stifled for a bit. For that matter, it would be nice
| to be allowed to continue contributing to ALFS, too, in my spare time.
I don't see why you couldn't keep contributing.

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