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Jeremy Shivers wrote:
| Joachim wrote:
|> You're not giving too much information, so it's quite hard to diagnose
|> you problem. Some questions:
|> What do you mean with "trying to get grub to run automatically within
|> ALFS". Is that the grub shell/grub-install/...?
|> What commands do you want to <execute>?
|> Does the profile still validate after you have changed grub.xml?
| Sorry for not being clear.
| The file grub.xml has this commented out:
|     <!--
|     The following shell command sets up grub.  The batch param on the
| first line
|     has to have the space between the dashes removed for this to work.
|     /sbin/grub - -batch <<EOF 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null
|     root (&grub-root;)
|     setup (&grub-install-location;)
|     quit EOF
|     -->
| I want to uncomment the above code so it runs within nALFS. Any attempt
| to run this code as is makes results in errors while parsing. How do I
| structure the above code in XML to run as LFS is building? I want it to
| run in [Chapter 8: Making the LFS system bootable]. In other words I
| don't want to manually type (grub, root, setup, quit) after LFS is
| finished building to install it into the MBR, I want it to run as part
| of the process. Hope this clears things up! :)
| Regards,
|   Jeremy

You can use the attatched grub.xml file to replace the one included in the
profile, the commands are still commented out by default so remember to remove
the between the two dashes in the grub command, and also set the appropriate
values in general.ent for grub-root and grub-install-location before use.

I will also commit this to the repository as well for trunk and testing branches.

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