Automated Grub

Jeremy Shivers shivers53 at
Sun Jan 9 11:56:21 PST 2005

Joachim wrote:
>You're not giving too much information, so it's quite hard to diagnose you 
>problem. Some questions:
>What do you mean with "trying to get grub to run automatically within 
>ALFS". Is that the grub shell/grub-install/...?
>What commands do you want to <execute>?
>Does the profile still validate after you have changed grub.xml?

Sorry for not being clear.

The file grub.xml has this commented out:
	The following shell command sets up grub.  The batch param on the first 
	has to have the space between the dashes removed for this to work.

	/sbin/grub - -batch <<EOF 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null
	root (&grub-root;)
	setup (&grub-install-location;)
	quit EOF

I want to uncomment the above code so it runs within nALFS. Any attempt to 
run this code as is makes results in errors while parsing. How do I 
structure the above code in XML to run as LFS is building? I want it to run 
in [Chapter 8: Making the LFS system bootable]. In other words I don't want 
to manually type (grub, root, setup, quit) after LFS is finished building to 
install it into the MBR, I want it to run as part of the process. Hope this 
clears things up! :)


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