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Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Sun Jan 9 08:26:44 PST 2005

Brad Bailey wrote:

>This morning if my first attempt at using ALFS. I've re-read the
>README in the NALFS tarball twice, looked through the lot of FAQ's,
>and looked though many pages of search results for my answer. Perhaps
>any questions to my answers should be posted in a place easier to
>I'm using nALFS 1.2.4 with profile LFS-6.0-1
>In chapter five, the file copy process fails on linux-config, politly
>telling me it's not there. Is this the same config file you have after
>configuring a kernel?
>Just for fun, I touched linux-config and went on about my life, and
>things are going OK for now. Will this cause me problems later?
When it gets to the part about building your kernel it will fail because 
it'll be looking for a valid kernel config file.  Yes, the standard 
procedure here is to untar your kernel source beforehand, run menuconfig 
and generate a config file, then copy that file to the dir where you've 
got all your other packages and name it linux-config.


Jeremy Huntwork

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