Automated Grub

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at
Sun Jan 9 05:36:56 PST 2005

Jeremy Shivers wrote:
> I did a search through the archives and google but didn't come up with 
> anything. I am trying to get grub to run automatically within ALFS. I 
> can get the menu.lst file to be created ok. By default the grub commands 
> are commented out but how do I structure it within grub.xml to run 
> non-interactively during the execution? I tried using <execute> tags but 
> nALFS couldn't even parse it without errors. Right now I let the profile 
> run the entire way through and when it is finished I chroot back in 
> again and run the grub commands myself. Any help would be appreciated.

You're not giving too much information, so it's quite hard to diagnose 
you problem. Some questions:
What do you mean with "trying to get grub to run automatically within 
ALFS". Is that the grub shell/grub-install/...?
What commands do you want to <execute>?
Does the profile still validate after you have changed grub.xml?

And it would be nice if you posted some snippets of your xml too.



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