A different approach

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jan 7 13:32:29 PST 2005

Hi everyone,

So, it's been good to have a break.  But I think I (and the devs) are 
ready to start working on alfs again.  After thinking over our current 
position, I think it's best we approach things a little differently 
within ALFS.

To date, much of my approach has been to try to pick up the pieces where 
Kevin left off, trying to use ideas that have been jotted down, and as 
has been suggested, get a fully documented process in place before any 
development takes place.  But, thinking about it more, it seems to me 
that while we definitely need a structure and goals to hit, much of that 
can be defined as we work.  A simple skeleton is really all that is 
necessary for an SRS, at least at the moment.

Therefore, I'd like to set forth a milestone structure.  We know the 
basic things we'd like done, so a simple milestone can be set forth to 
be reached.   While we work we can add/define smaller increments that 
will help fulfill the milestone.  Advanced features that are not 
necessary for a basic structure can be put off for future milestones.

As we develop the tools and milestones are reached, a more comprehensive 
documentation can be written on what we've done and will do.  For this, 
James, you'll have to be in good communication with Jamie and Boris, and 
vice versa.

For one of the very first aspects, I think we need to design a client 
server model and communication protocol.  That way any client can be 
built to communicate with the server and log errors.

This is the direction I'd like to see us take in development.  By 
definitely stating where we're going, to, I hope to dissolve any 
confusion that's been hanging around the project, and get firmly in 
production mode.

A list of the milestones is being drawn up currently.

Jeremy Huntwork

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