About packagemanagment: dependencies.

Stef Bon stef at bononline.nl
Mon Jan 3 02:05:53 PST 2005


I'm interested in developing the nAlfs packagemanagment utility.
Now I see that one of the things to be developed is the ability to
show the dependencies of a package.
Now I saw some comment suggesting a database with only the basic 
This sollution is often used. Red Hat uses such a database for their tool 
rpm. I've been looking (a little) at Gentoo, at their emerge/portage system,
but this also is based on a database system.

Now my idea is, isn't is possible to let the script "configure" do this

In the configure script (and the configure.in file) al the dependencies are
there already. This information you (I do) are using when installing a
package, and configure complains about a missing required other package.

(not only this information is important by the way)

I'm not familiar with the auto-tools (aclocal, autoconf, automake etc) but
does anyone know what they can do? 

I know there are a few drawbacks I can alreadty think of:
. not all the packages use a configure script
. using configure takes a lot of time

But advantages:
. databasa realy uptodate
. manual creating the database not needed

Any suggestions, idea's


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