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jamie bennett jamie at
Tue Feb 22 09:00:04 PST 2005

Quoting Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at>:

> Based on Jamie's proposal and the recent discussion following, I'd like 
> us to start developing POC code for the communication and command 
> parsing aspects of alfs based on Python, DBus and SOAP. Jamie, do you 
> have the time now to organize the actual development of this? In other 
> words, lay out a TODO list/task chart for the actual coding and work out 
> a way for several of us to work on it together. Let me know what you 
> could do wrt that, please.

I'll get a TODO list up tonight and post it to the list. I've just got a new
contract that has about 3 weeks work with it but it doesn't need my _full_
attention ;)

I got a little way in with the D-BUS communication stuff but hopefully the TODO
list will help in farming out mini coding projects to other people, otherwise
I'll plough through it myself albeit at a slower pace.

> Jeremy H.

     --     Jamie

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