[ANNOUNCE] BLFS profile daily snapshots now available

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Feb 19 10:50:27 PST 2005

Thomas Pegg wrote:
> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> Thomas, would you mind adding creation of LFS-trunk snapshots to your 
>> script as well? My script has been broken for some time (since it 
>> wants to build nALFS snapshots too), and I haven't had time to fix it. 
>> It's been building profile snapshots, but failing everything else, and 
>> I'd like to just stop running it.
> Sure. Probably gonna have to reorganize the downloads directory a little 
> as well.
Ok I copied your script Kevin to my home dir and adapted it just for the 
profiles. I also reorganized the profile downloads directory now that we 
have lfs and blfs profiles now.

It's now like this:

  --testing (will be removed, once testing branch is officially gone)
  --unstable (maybe this should be renamed to svn????)

Jeremy, when you have a spare moment could you update the most recent 
news announcements for the LFS-6.0 profile to the new directory stable 
lfs profiles. I've created a temporary stable symlink to avoid broken 
links for now.

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