Proposed alfs communication model

Jamie Bennett jamie at
Tue Feb 15 14:33:11 PST 2005

I've put up a little proposed communication model for alfs the way _I'd_
like to see it done at

The main thing to get from this is that the client and server will
communicate through the D-BUS in _plain text_. If the client and server
reside on the same machine, then the comms modules never get started. If
client and server are on different machines, the comm's modules wrap the
plain text messages into what ever protocol we decide to use (probably
SOAP). So a typical message sent from client to server on a different
machine would be :-

client                                                server
  |                                                      ^
  |                                                      |
plain                                                  plain
 text                                                   text
  |                                                      |
  -----> Comms     -----> Internet -----> Comms      ----- 
         Module                           Module
         (SOAP it)                        (unSoap it)

The comms modules will implement a fake server/client interface. So the
client and server will talk to the comms modules but think they are
talking directly to the recipient instead. The comms modules will relay
the messages.

	--	Jamie

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