[RFC] SRS Section 3

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 10 10:36:43 PST 2005

James Robertson wrote:
<snip description of UML>

> Matt - I know of no OSS tools that do UML modeling.  I use MS Visio or 
> IBM Rational Rose which are both commercial apps.  Can DocBook handle 
> simple diagrams?

DocBook can import at least SVG and png, and as long as the rest of the 
processing toolchain can output it to the various formats (FOP can 
handle SVG and PNG fine I believe) then we should be good to go.  So, 
all we need now is an imaging/diagramming tool that can export to one 
(or even both) of those formats.  I'm pretty sure Sodipodi/inkscape and 
the GIMP can do both, but whether they're particularly suited to simple 
diagrams I don't know.



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