Choice of programming language

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Feb 8 08:36:09 PST 2005

Jamie Bennett wrote:
> Advantages of Python
> 	*	High level language which is arguably easier to learn.
> 	*	Consequently a larger potential developer base.
> 	*	XML parser built in.
> 	*	URI support (think downloads) built in.
> 	*	Relax-NG support with libxml2 (could be optional) [1].
> 	*	Soap support through SOAPpy or ZSI [2].
> 	*	Easy DBus support if we chose to go down that route.
> 	*	Rapid development possible.
> 	*	Easy integration into a GUI frontend such as PYGTK+ [3].
> 	*	One of the most accepted languages for distro tools.
> Disadvantages of Python
> 	*	One extra package to install.
> 	*	Cannot use existing code (as its in C).
> 	*	Interpreted rather than compiled so slightly slower.

When you've got it listed like this, it seems that Python has a nice set 
of advantages. :)

It still would be nice to see a C implementation, but like XML, Python 
seems to have a nice set of built-in features.  All we need to do is tap 
into them.

As a bonus to me ;), I'd definitely be able to help code if we went this 
route. Any others that would volunteer for development if we were to use 

Jeremy H.

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