Choice of programming language

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Feb 7 14:57:54 PST 2005

Jamie Bennett wrote:

> After doing quite a lot of research on the technologies that alfs will
> potentially be using, one language kept appearing that seemed to fit our
> needs. That language turns out to be Python. Now I hate to admit it but
> I'm an assembler programmer by trade, and among my other programming
> languages, Python doesn't figure at the moment. But I can see the needs
> of the project fit extremely nicely with Python so I'm willing to learn
> it.

That sounds fine to me Jamie.  My only concern is performance on slower 
hardware (think RAQ2 or older x86 hdw).  The C based tool we have today 
does perform just fine as expected on these platforms and it does not 
take anything away.  My experience with interpreted languages is that 
they are a lot slower.

One extra pro to your list is the same python UI code with GTK+ 
installed can be run on a windoze box!  Nice cross platform support.


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