Choice of programming language

Jamie Bennett jamie at
Mon Feb 7 13:40:13 PST 2005

I know this is a bit of flame-bait for some people but I'd like to get
the ball moving on the programming side of things by suggesting a choice
of programming language. 

After doing quite a lot of research on the technologies that alfs will
potentially be using, one language kept appearing that seemed to fit our
needs. That language turns out to be Python. Now I hate to admit it but
I'm an assembler programmer by trade, and among my other programming
languages, Python doesn't figure at the moment. But I can see the needs
of the project fit extremely nicely with Python so I'm willing to learn

Advantages of Python

	*	High level language which is arguably easier to learn.
	*	Consequently a larger potential developer base.
	*	XML parser built in.
	*	URI support (think downloads) built in.
	*	Relax-NG support with libxml2 (could be optional) [1].
	*	Soap support through SOAPpy or ZSI [2].
	*	Easy DBus support if we chose to go down that route.
	*	Rapid development possible.
	*	Easy integration into a GUI frontend such as PYGTK+ [3].
	*	One of the most accepted languages for distro tools.

Disadvantages of Python

	*	One extra package to install.
	*	Cannot use existing code (as its in C).
	*	Interpreted rather than compiled so slightly slower.

I could probably think of more for each group but you get the idea.
Anyway, discuss, flame, or even agree ;)

	--	Jamie


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