Summary: [RFC] SRS Section 3

Jeremy Huntwork jmhuntwork at
Mon Feb 7 10:51:28 PST 2005

Here's a summary of where Section 3 of the SRS stands:

1) Matt has already made several general changes to the wiki, please 
review it here:

2) Keep the running of the daemon indpendant of the ui's connection. So 
that if the connection were dropped, the ui would simply re-connect when 
it could and ask for the daemon's current state.

3) Add possibility of 'versioning' to dependency tracking.

4) Clarification of what log appending describes.

5) Items 3.3 - 3.6 and 3.9 still need to be filled in, however, I'm not 
so sure that these are blocker to progress. But still, it would be nice 
to have them filled in before we start.

If you have any more ideas or comments for this section, now is the 
time.  We're very close to having this at a point where we can now use 
it as a guide for development. However, there's still a few more 
questions we'll need to answer before we start that are not really part 
of the SRS.

For example, which programming language will the official implementation 
use? I already have a leaning in a certain direction, but I'll open this 
up in a bit for final discussion and we can make a final decision.

So, anyway, let's finish up this SRS!

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