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Alexander Lang lang_a at sbox.tugraz.at
Sun Feb 6 08:49:29 PST 2005

Joachim Beckers wrote:

> Basically, it all depends on th ui you give the user. However, there's 
> two big reasons why we should go for editing the profile-files:
> 1) The ui-program doesn't know about the internal datastructure of 
> alfsd. It does nothing but controlling the build, sending over profiles 
> (as XML, see 2) and monitoring what happens on the other side of the 
> connection.
> 2) The protocol between alfsd and the ui will be XML-based (at least 
> that's what most of us would like to see). Hence there will be no way to 
> send over some kind of datastructure form the ui to the daemon.
> Joachim

These are good arguments: as i forgot to think about the communication 
However, the main goal of my proposal was to present the user a unified 
way to edit the profiles, without having to know all different syntaxes 
that are supported (which is at least 2: nALFS and the book-sources).
I guess i have to to think about a different way to archive this goal ;-)

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