[RFC] SRS Section 2

Hui Zhou zhouhui at wam.umd.edu
Thu Feb 3 19:45:18 PST 2005

On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 07:45:18PM -0800, Jeremy Utley wrote:
>Hui, this is probably the single most insane thing you've said yet :)  

So you see some sanity in my other sentences? I will live on that :-;

>Even tho we're writing the new tool from the ground up, we still want it 
>to be able to utilize the XML profiles which already exist.  So, the new 
>tool still needs to be able to speak the old XML language - otherwise, 
>the rewrite is a complete waste of time - everyone who uses the new tool 
>must convert their profiles to the new syntax - and believe me, I don't 
>relish that thought at all.

To write a script to automatically convert the alfs profile to any 
sane profile format is easy if not trivia. I thought someone have
demonstrated by a automatic xslt or script turning alfs profile to 
bash scripts. XML is machine friendly after all!

If you feel rewrite the profile is too much trouble, I can promise you 
to do it for you for free. Well free is too cheap, on the condition 
you call me sane :-;

Hui Zhou

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