[RFC] SRS Section 2

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 3 14:58:31 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley escribió en alfs.discuss el Jueves, 3 de Febrero de 2005 23:40:

> The ALFS daemon running on ninja.linux-phreak.biz would then parse the
> profile, ensure it's present, valid, and so on, then instruct the client
> on the machine to be built what steps to take in the build.  The idea
> being, the profile never has to be downloaded to the computer being
> built, but instead, the client doing the building would take it's
> instructions from the profile server.

That not affect the other proposal, add another different server to the graphic
intended to store the profiles, instead of store it in the alfsd or ui sides.

Could be useful in some scenarios, like to serve the official LFS profiles or to
serve all the profiles for the PCs in a LAN regardless in what PC the ui is

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