alfs-ui and alfsd relationships

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Feb 3 12:13:54 PST 2005

Gerard Beekmans wrote these words on 02/03/05 14:05 CST:
> On February 2, 2005 11:15 pm, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>>This will likely be TCP or Unix socket connections, so there is no need
>>for anything like that. The daemon will bind to a socket, then listen()
>>on it. When it gets a connection it will accept() it, then communicate
>>bidirectionally over that socket. It doesn't need to care about the
>>client's IP address, port numbers or anything else (unless you want to
>>log or selectively accept connections based on them).
> We would want to restrict to one connection at a time. Somebody brough it up 
> already: it would be amusing to see ten LFS builds being performed on the 
> same machine at the same time, but the results would be less than ideal. 
> Especially if all ten LFS build processes use the same partition.

Again, this confuses me.

Who, or why would someone start 10 LFS builds all on the same machine.

Anyone who does this would be asking for trouble.

Of course, I'm ruling out the fact that multiple people may be trying
to build on the same machine. This would be a coordination problem,
and not something that should be looked after via software.


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