[RFC] SRS Section 2

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 3 08:55:15 PST 2005

James Robertson wrote:

> Agreed.  Jeremy - can you make sure all this stuff makes it into the 
> wiki for flat text file you are taking.  My life has exploded on me ATM, 
> so I am not going to be able to keep the notes necessary to get this 
> stuff into the SRS.  All these points and notes should be put in there 
> with the references section used to point to these emails.

Sure, I'll see if I can get to it. Of course, if Justin was serious 
about helping with the docs before, he could jump in now and volunteer 
to help :)

Btw, everything ok James?

Jeremy H.

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