alfs-ui and alfsd relationships

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Feb 2 14:41:08 PST 2005

Hi guys,

Can someone clarify the relationship between alfs-ui and alfsd for me 
please?  If the alfs-ui is going to send profiles to alfsd, and say 
"Here you go, start building", we obviously(?) don't want more than one 
alfs-ui connecting to any given daemon (whilst mildly amusing, watching 
two LFS builds be attempted on the same box simultaneously is unlikely 
to do anything other than waste CPU cycles).

So, to reverse that situation then, how many daemons can a single 
alfs-ui connect to?  Unless the ui and daemons can communicate over 
configurable ports I'm not sure anything other than a 1->1 relationship 
is possible, is it?  Of course, the machine with the ui installed can 
launch more than one instance of the ui, each talking to a different 
daemon, hence we get the "manage more than one build from one machine" 
possibility, but is that the only way of achieving that goal with the 
current design?



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