Client/Server - please straighten out the terms

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Feb 2 12:02:42 PST 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote these words on 02/02/05 13:38 CST:
>>The client provides an iterface to the user.  This User Interface is 
>>used to choose which profiles to run, validate those profiles, then pass 
>>them to the server.
>>The server is a daemon which listens for connections from the client, 
>>receives profiles down that connection and processes those profiles 
>>(i.e. converts them into commands to be run, and executes those 
>>commands).  It will also have to pass status information back up to the 
>>client, so the user interface can display error messages, etc. to the user.
> Thanks, Matt, for the explanation. This is sort of what I had in
> mind, but Jeremy H's last message confused me.
> However, I'm with those that think client-server is confusing
> terminology.
> I think that User-Interface Host (UI host) and build-target would
> be much easier to understand.

Right. Which is why I proposed earlir to use the terms alfsd and ui. 
Sorry for not following through with that, and sorry for the confusion.

Jeremy H.

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