Top things to see in first ALFS

Hui Zhou zhouhui at
Wed Feb 2 08:56:14 PST 2005

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 08:54:00AM -0700, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>Hui Zhou wrote:
>>In this single command mode, we have to request the bot don't exit on 
>>completing the task, instead, send a signal or message to the listening 
>>process and go to sleep. When new command arives, it wakes up and work 
>But if the daemon process does not have enough information to know that 
>this is needed, how will it know to tell its child process to do that? 

You mean how the bot will sleep instead of exit? Well, we make it do 
that all the time, it exits only on command.

>If you only send "commands" to the daemon, it has no idea when to enter 
>a chroot, when to chuser, how long a "cleared" environment should last, 

Yes, the chroot command has to be sent from the commanding terminal. 

>If you actually _send_ it chroot commands, then you have taken 
>control away from the daemon process, and you might as well just open an 
>ssh session and pipe down bash commands to it.

For one, it may not be limited to bash commands.
For two, it may not need ssh

Hui Zhou

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