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Hui Zhou zhouhui at
Wed Feb 2 08:44:23 PST 2005

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 03:30:53PM +0000, jamie bennett wrote:
>Quoting Hui Zhou <zhouhui at>:
>> Jamie, you missed the point of his. The server don't need parse the 
>> stream since no profile stream is being sent. Try re read his post.
>Unless the actual, say bash commands are sent, the server is always going to
>have to _parse_ what ever you send it. By parsing I mean translating what it
>gets given into the actual command. If you are sending the bash commands then it
>limits the server to only working in a bash complient enviroment. 

Yes, there must be some sort of proctocol, but it can be extremely 
simple. One example, each command is in one line. and each line begins 
with a keyword, and the keyword tells the bot whether it will be a 
bash command or bot command or status inquiry or whatever.
>It also means the client will have to parse the profiles and create the
>commands, un-necessary duplication if we have say 4 different clients. 

That is true. The dumbbot model doesn't easily allow multiple 
>Another disadvantage is that a specific tag may translate into different
>commands on different architectures. A tag on a sparc machine may execute
>different code than that on a x86_64 one. If we keep the tag->command parsing in
>the server then the server can translate into the right commands with the
>clients un-aware of what target they are building on.

Which mean the command terminal have to know who he is talking to. No 
big deal.

Hui Zhou

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