Top things to see in first ALFS

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Feb 1 20:04:20 PST 2005

James Robertson wrote:

> Interesting, i figured this all was understood a long time ago.  The 
> client does _nothing_ but send a profile to the server, control the 
> server and get messages back from the server in its most simplest form. 
>  All grunt work and statefull information is handled by the server. This 
> means the logs are kept on the server, source files are kept there, and 
> all processing/validation of profiles is handled there as well.  If we 
> want the server to be able to "reuse" a parsed profile, then that should 
> be kept on the server as well.  The only thing I could see of value in a 
> client is XML editing and log viewing/searching functions.

The only thing I would take issue with here is "source files are kept 
there". In reality, the profile will specify where the source files will 
come from, and it could likely be any number of places; I had proposed 
even adding URIs so that the server end could request the file from the 
client end over the already-open connection (this would be the ideal 
scenario for a package upgrade to a dozen machines... just connect to 
them and tell them to do it, they get the instructions and the tarball 
from your machine).

In fact, the current profiles use user-edited "config files" as part of 
the profile that are copied into place during the run (as opposed to 
using [textdump] elements); even this behavior will have to be managed 
somehow once the machine running the profile can no longer see its 
contents directly.

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