Top things to see in first ALFS

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Feb 1 15:52:50 PST 2005

Hui Zhou wrote:
> Then the client need take care of the whold nine yard.

Yes. However, if I have read you correctly, I think you're putting 
functionality into the client that we don't want.  I don't think the 
client needs to concern itself with any parsing whatsoever.  That should 
all be done server side.  The client should be just a means to 
communicate to the server and send it both instructions and information 
telling the server what type of instrcutions it's sending.  For example, 
the way I envision it is that the client could send the server a 
straight out prepared XML profile that the user has manually written up. 
   Or, it could instruct the server to first parse a LFS book into an 
alfs profile that it could then use as an instruction set. Before the 
server parses and executes any profiles (in the case of the parse of the 
book) it would send a copy of it's validated profile to the client so 
that the user could edit it on the fly.

Jeremy H.

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