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Tue Feb 1 12:18:46 PST 2005

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 09:02:11PM +0100, wrote:
>Hui Zhou escribi? en alfs.discuss el Martes, 1 de Febrero de 2005 20:18:
>> FTP is designed to be an on-demand servant. Without command, ftp
>> server does not know what to do. ALFS is desinged to build.
>> If it already has everything(profile) to work, why demand it to wait?
>In the way that has been exposed by Gerard, the profiles are in the client side. 

OK, that could be another model I had in mind. The server is a robot 
knows nothing and every command comes from the the client. 

However, as someone mentions security, think about the senerio than 
the connection being hijacked, and essentially the robot can be 
command maliciously to do anything.

Or maybe I misunderstood it. Did you mean the server still takes care 
of every thing as my earlier model, and only waits to be fed a 
profile? In that case, that's not much difference than my earlier 
model. To let the server smart enough to auto wait if no profiles is 
availiable is trivia. 

>In that scenario, the server don't need to know about profiles or XML, only
>trust the client, execute the commands received from the client and return to
>the client the output from that commands (plus, may be, execution time, disk
>usage and a list of changes files) for logging purposes.

So you are talking about the dummy robot model. In this case, the 
client need implement all the state management, the server is trivia 
to code though. Does all the log get dumped on the client side also? 
That could be tough, imagin a central client commanding 1000 robots 
and get over whelmed by simultaneous logging data. Quite amusing 
actually. :)

Hui Zhou

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