Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Feb 1 11:23:13 PST 2005

Brad Bailey wrote:
> I'm not a programmer by any means. However, I can normally find
> patters, and change them to suit. Is there a use for the alfs program
> to also build blfs? I can probably come up with the xml's, but I'll
> need help with a couple of issues specific for blfs.

ALFS is currently in the middle of developing a new build tool to handle 
both LFS builds and BLFS builds and entirely custom variations of the 
two. If you're interested in helping stay tuned to this 
newsgroup/mailing list.

> The way I have it invisioned, is before the whole processstarts, it
> asks a series of questions such as:
> Do you want X?
> (if no) Do you want graphics libs?
> (if yes) Do you want a Desktop or Window Manager?
> (If desktop) KDE, Gnome, CDE
> (If WM) AfterStep, NextStep, UDE, blackbox...
> What do you think? Is this worth any amount of time at all?

There would have to be some type of selection process for BLFS packages. 
  Not sure that we've fully thought that part out yet.  Your suggestion 
has some merit, but I think it would be nice if we could do something a 
little more dynamic and less linear.

> I'm also working on a bootable aFLS cd that will give a lightweight
> graphical environment to run in.

Have fun. In case you're interested there is also a livecd project at 
LFS that's fairly new. It also incorporates ALFS profiles and the nALFS 
building tool. That ml is livecd AT linuxfromscratch.org

> I have lots of ideas, I just don't know how to program to put them
> into effect. :-(

Well, hang out here, and hopefully you'll be able to jump in when you 
see that one of your ideas coincides with the direction we're taking. :)

Jeremy H.

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