GUI profile maintenance programs and conditional execution

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Feb 1 10:59:09 PST 2005

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> I'm sure everybody maintains their own set of profiles on top of what
> might be maintained by ALFSers already. Right now package upgrade for me
> is often just a matter of opening an entities file and update the
> version number. Build instructions probably remain the same. A little
> help with this wouldn't be bad in the way of a program that would do
> this for you. Enter updated versions in a list provided by a program and
> hit save and done. It would save time.

In some ways a moot point if you're parsing the book to get the commands 
and information about packages.  However, see my note below:

> Same with editing profiles. A nice editor could make all the tags
> transparent to a degree and make writing profiles easier. I suppose a
> general XML-aware editor should do the trick too as long as the DTD is
> available, which it always is.

Obviously, not everyone running alfs will be wanting to build the book 
exaclty as it is written. So you're going to want to be able to edit it. 
Here's how I envision it happening:

You parse the book (or optionally load other saved profiles) to grab the 
skeleton of commands and package information.  Then, before anything is 
run you are able to edit (via a call to vim, or possibly even a simple 
internal text editor) the commands and/or package versions for any 
package. You then save your changes, and the commands are run.  This 
functionality should even be available during the middle of a build, 
ie., you pause your build, make a change, and resume.

> That's more a nice thing to have.

Nice, and hopefully, extremely useful.

Jeremy H.

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