[RFC] SRS Section 2

jamie bennett jamie at linuxuk.org
Tue Feb 1 08:29:46 PST 2005

Quoting Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org>:

> alfs will support the following concepts :
>          * Complete separation of a backend server daemon which carries 
> out the specific tasks and a frontend client that initiates the 
> instructions.
>          * Validation of profiles before any other actions take place.
>          * Downloading and checking of packages from both local and 
> external locations.
>          * Dependency resolution to ensure a package never gets 
> installed unless it has its dependencies satisfied.
>          * A comprehensive and informational logging system.
>          * A package uninstallation feature.
>          * Allow support for different clients.
>          * Ability to handle conditional executions.

I remember writing this bit on the original SRS and I feel that the goals are
admirable ones. Apart from dependancy resolution and uninstallation, the rest
are pretty straight forward to implement. Uninstallation is the one that needs
some thinking about though.

    --    Jamie

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