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Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Feb 1 06:09:33 PST 2005

Jim Gifford wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> Hello Everyone:
>> ALFS has been pretty dormant for several weeks now.  I know that part 
>> of that has been my stepping down from the project, and I know many of 
>> the rest of you have been pretty busy as well.  In my time away, I've 
>> been doing a great deal of thinking and reviewing of where the project 
>> is and I've come to several conclusions.
>> First of all, since no one ever stepped up for the role of ALFS 
>> project leader, and I again have a fair amount of renewed energy, I am 
>> staying on as project leader, at least for the time being.
>> Secondly, I really like what has been done, Boris, with respects to 
>> the ability to parse the LFS Book's commands and manipulate them. 
>> You've done excellent work in that regard. However, there is a good 
>> deal about the way that you've been working that I must say I'd like 
>> to see changed.  LFS has and always will be, as far as I can see, a 
>> communicative project. It openly welcomes and includes people from 
>> everywhere, and their ideas, opinions and expressions are encouraged 
>> (as long as they do their research! ;) ). And discussion of its future 
>> is not limited to just the active team members, but to everyone that 
>> wishes to participate. To that end the mailing lists are really still 
>> the best medium for communication within LFS. IRC is a very useful 
>> tool, esp for when developers what to talk and discuss amongst 
>> themselves.  But I feel very strongly that the community, which really 
>> is the life of this project, needs to be invovled for major decisions.
>> Therefore, I'm enforcing some guidelines for all ALFS developers:
>> 1) Major discussions will occur on the alfs-discuss list. This isn't 
>> really a new thing, so it *shouldn't* pose any problems for you.
>> 2) Subversion and Bugzilla will both be used for development of the 
>> new tool. These are already in place on the LFS server, and both 
>> provide very helpful functions, not just for the devs, but for *all* 
>> who are interested in ALFS. We need our developers to use these tools.
>> 3) Our developers must be subscribed to alfs-discuss and alfs-log 
>> either via a news reader or email subscriptions.
>> 4) No major concepts or code will go into alfs without it being 
>> discussed and approved on the lists. This is after all, not a tool 
>> under developement by one maintainer, but by a community, however few 
>> our coders are.
>> 5) I know I have varied on my ideas/decisions about this one in the 
>> past, and I may have even said some conflicting things. However, so 
>> that as many as possible may be involved, and so that our targets and 
>> direction may be clearly seen by any who are interested, we *will* be 
>> finishing up the SRS that James has started.  This has top priority on 
>> the list of ALFS todo's. I want a skeleton of guidelines written out 
>> so that everyone, not just the coders, know where ALFS is headed, and 
>> how we're going to get there.
>> These five areas will be required of all developers of alfs. Of 
>> course, if you have any suggestions on what might work better, you're 
>> free to express them here on this list, I will listen to any 
>> reasonable objections.
>> I'm posting this to lfs-dev as well, because I'd like ALFS to receive 
>> as much attention and support from the entire LFS community as is 
>> currently possible. To that end, if there are any others who would 
>> like to offer their services to the development of alfs, please let us 
>> know on the alfs-discuss list.
>> Lastly, I want to make a public apoplogy for any confusion that my 
>> poor leadership has brought to the ALFS project, but I very much want 
>> to see it well organized and running smoothly, and I intend to help it 
>> along to that goal as much as possible.
>> -- 
>> Jeremy Huntwork
> Welcome back. I look forward to helping you out.
> Now that your back, could somebody make an nalfs profile for lfs-raq2 
> for me!!!
Sorry about that Jim, it's been on my TODO list for a while, I've got 
some of it done, but I need to be sure where to get the changes from. 
The most up to date version is in the multi-arch branch, right?

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