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jamie bennett jamie at linuxuk.org
Tue Feb 1 02:07:37 PST 2005

Quoting Jeremy Utley <jeremy at jutley.org>:

> Well, for me, I think the first thing we need to do is get the 
> client/server functionality written and operational.  The other things 
> that have been planned for nALFS2, such as generating the profile 
> directly from the book's XML, could wait, IMHO.  My coding skills are 
> very basic, as I've only started to learn C, but if there's anything I 
> can do, count me in.  That includes helping with docs, whatever the case 
> may be.

I hate to throw a spanner in the works but for me, parsing the XML from the book
would be my highest priority. Profile maintainance isn't only a chore it's prone
to human error. If we could parse the whole of the lfs and blfs books into
seperate, self-contained profiles, I think we could have a pretty powerful
system from the get-go. Having each profile self-contained would make selecting
only the ones you wanted alot easier.

I've thought about ALFS quite a lot lately so just to bring some more discussion
points to the table :-
I'm not sure C is the right way to go about this (I saying that as a C
programmer). Pro's are, of course, that we have a code base to start from now
but, again IMO, python would be better. Its a rapid language to both learn and
use and the fact that it is a higher level language wouldn't be detremental to
the program as most of ALFS's execution time would be spent compiling.

My thoughts on how _I_ would do the ALFS client/server model. 

Have the server sit on the D-BUS waiting for client connections. As the majority
of the time both the client and the server are on the same machine, this is a
simple model which not only allows the ALFS client to see whats happening but
any tool that can look at the D-BUS. If we are connecting remotely, the server
would still be run on the host but it would relay the commands to the remote
host where they would be interpreted.

As always, this is IMO and hopefully will promote discussion.

> -J-

    --    Jamie

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