Possible bug in nALFS-1.2.5

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Dec 29 07:43:13 PST 2005

David Rosal wrote:
> Hello.
> My friend Arthur Demchenkov says he found a bug in nALFS-1.2.5 that 
> causes the /etc/ld.so.conf file to be corrupted under certain conditions.
> Here's the original message that Arthur sent to me:
> 8<----------------------------------------
> There's a bug in nALFS-1.2.5
> It's located in "search and replace" subroutine.
> I found that when I reinstalled Xorg my ld.so.conf file was corrupted...
> You can check if the bug appear in your nALFS version.
> 1) Place the example ld.so.conf file in your /etc directory
> 2) Run blfs-profile
> 3) Chapter 25 -> xorg 6.8.2 -> Installing -> Search and replace and Dump 
> text (not really necessary)
> 4) As you can see ld.so.conf is corrupted, I hope you made backup ;-)
> The bug will be reproduced also when making replacing in the end of any 
> file.
> So there may be a need in checking if your profiles corrupt some user 
> packages.
> Best regardz.
> ------------------------------------------->8

Seems like an edge-case situation, but I have confirmed there is 
corruption, and I've applied the fix to SVN. Thanks for the report.


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