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I have implemented something similar to jhalfs. It's a
script-based automated LFS. When I implemented this, i
did not know that jhalfs existed. I attempted to
implement something that is NOT XML based which in my
opinion rather difficult to tailor.

I have successfully built three systems automatically
with this lfs-builder. It's well documented inside,
and more features are coming.

This is the list of main features, it currently has:
+ The build process can be done manually,
semi-automatically, or fully automated.
+ Each package buildscript has its own information
page and options.
+ Able to resume automated processes that was
previously stopped/halted.
+ Able to retrieve required package files remotely.
+ Written entirely in shell script (easy to edit, dont
you think?).
+ At the end of the automated build: Provide
interactive configuration to set up local timezone,
hardware clock, keyboard map, console font, locale
(language), static networking.


  I like Salmonfish .

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