jhalfs and BLFS

John blfs at jelmail.com
Thu Dec 15 15:29:07 PST 2005

Why do you say "nALFS is now out of game" ?
Am I missing something ?

I've build my own nALFS profile that sits on top of BLFS to give me a fully
functioning server. I think automating is good but only after you've done it
yourself first. If you don't do you'll never learn.

I use nALFS to buid second, third, fourth machines, etc, making my profile
after doing it by hand on my first machine. it's a bit clunky (xml and all
that) but it does work.

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I want to automate building my BLFS systém. Which tool can I use? I
know, that nALFS is now out of game. Can jhalfs do it?
Filip Bartmann

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