[Announce] LFS LiveCD x86 6.1.1-2 Released

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Sun Dec 11 12:44:32 PST 2005

The LiveCD Team is proud to announce the release of the x86 6.1.1-2 
LiveCD.  This CD contains fixes for nALFS, included package tarballs and 
minor LiveCD bugs.  A brief overview of changes:

*  nALFS-profile upgraded to 6.1.1-1.
*  Optional nALFS dependencies tarballs for libxml2 and nALFS included 
in /lfs-sources.
*  Correct versions of iana-etc and man-pages are in /lfs-sources.  
Double checked.
*  Fixed timezone related issues, minor bugs.

Please report any problems to the livecd mailing list.  Thank you.

Mirrors with the LiveCD are available at the following URL:


All mirrors have synced.

Thank you to Steve Prior, Bobby Black and others in the LFS community 
for testing the beta versions and for reporting errors.

Justin R. Knierim
lfs at lfs dash matrix dot net

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